I Know This Much is True

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I know this much is true

I Know This Much is True is part of the Oprah Book Club, and fits right in with its peers  The Help, a Million Little Piecesand She’s Come Undonealso by Wally Lamb.  These books are easy to devour, though aren’t very thought-provoking.  I Know This Much is True is a 912-page tome which keeps you entertained for about 600 of those pages; it is desperately craving the attention of a ruthless editor.

The topic is interesting enough, and the theme has so much potential, but somehow you’re still left feeling like you’re skimming the surface of a book that should knock you to the floor.  It’s like watching the movie 8 mile: It doesn’t change your life; at the end you’re not sure if you’d rather have your two hours back; and you wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but you’re glad you can check it off your list.

If you need a book to distract you late into the night, pick this one up.  However, if you want to be changed in the way only a good book can, save your 900-word capacity for something with a little more passion.

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